iRobot uPoint™
Multi-Robot Control System

Introducing the intuitive way to control robots

31 Март 2015, 11:31

With a significantly reduced learning curve and more reliable, robust communications, public safety, military and industrial personnel are set to become more proficient robot operators than ever before. The system is made up of an easy-to-use, android™-based controller and a world-class robot radio network. Together, they allow you to communicate further downrange - driving, manipulating and inspecting across iRobot’s family of robots.

Drive, Manipulate and Inspect

Every movement of your robots can be controlled from your fingertips. With a common look-and-feel, once you learn to operate one robot, you can quickly transition those same skills to control other robots on scene.

You Point, You Drive

Touch and drag a virtual joystick anywhere on the main video feed to steer the robot. Helpful predictive drive lines guide operators through tight spots.

Slide Your Finger To Manipulate

Simplified manipulation with direct control of the arm on a virtual model and through the use of intuitive slider controls.

See What Your Robot Sees

uPoint allows you to see what’s going on, no matter the time of day or situation. Quickly transition from one robot to another while conducting inspections.

Touchscreen Controller

With our Android™-based controller, the intuitive touchscreen technology in use today on millions of tablets and smartphones are applied to commanding your fleet of robots. Drive one robot. Then, relinquish control and begin driving your next robot.
● Because the controller is running an android™ application, do everything from one device. ● Consult reference materials, check your email and use your other favorite apps to improve productivity and save time.
● Connect to the cloud for downloading service updates, uploading data to other apps, like™ and much more.
● Record and playback all the data displayed on your controller for after-action review. If desired, upload digital evidence, like screenshots or videos via industry apps.
● Observer mode where data displayed on the operator’s controller can be displayed to team members or other remote observers.
● When it’s time to update software, product sustainment is easier than ever before, thanks to remote updates and embedded training videos and maintenance functions.

Robot Radio

Underpinning the uPoint Multi-Robot Control System is the uPoint Robot Radio which offers smart networking and more reliable, robust communication between the robot operator, the robots, and any remote observers.
● A Mesh Radio solution allows robots to link their communications together to extend operations further into buildings and widen your operating range.
● Improved Performance realized for non-line of sight communication during missions in complex urban settings and in communications-congested environments.
● Selectable radio frequencies that bring you into compliance with local regulations.

Your Mission is Critical to Us

iRobot’s team of Field Support Engineers (FSEs) is our front-line with you, our customer. More than 50% of our FSEs have used robots in their military careers or serviced robots for public safety, defense, critical emergency and disaster situations. They have the knowledge and tools needed to ensure your robot is mission ready.